hakePlot_revisedControlled Flipped Classroom Study


Designed and conducted a controlled study of the flipped classroom using video lectures and model-eliciting activities. A conceptual pre-post test indicated that students in both sections showed learning gains typical of similar courses. Students in the flipped section, however, had additional opportunities to develop skills in problem formulation, communication, and teamwork through their participation in model-eliciting activities.

2_NumericalVidsNumerical Methods Videos

Recorded over 200 instructional videos on numerical methods topics including numerical linear algebra, numerical integration and differentiation, curve fitting and regression, and ordinary and partial differential equations. See my YouTube channel:

3_SpudCutterIntelligent Potato Seed Cutter

Using Matlab and Simulink, developed a simulator for a new, intelligent potato-seed-cutting machine. Includes a random potato generator with sizes based on a measured sample of seed potatoes; estimates potato weight and volume based on appearance; simulates cutting potatoes using a decision algorithm; estimates weight and volume of seed chunks after cutting. On this project, I did the image processing, mathematical modeling, and simulation, while other engineers completed the machine design.

4_DentalMirrorSnap-on Mirror Attachment for Intra-oral Dental Camera


Designed, modeled, prototyped, and patented a snap attachment mirror for an intra-oral dental camera. This was a collaborative project completed by a team consisting of myself, a dentist, and another engineer.

5_Path_PlannerUAV Path Planner for Search and Rescue


Developed a novel 3D path planning algorithm for UAVs in wilderness search and rescue scenarios; method uses imported digital elevation data from USGS to extract surface contours and compute terrain normal vectors; together with a manually defined region, perpendicular contour-based paths are smoothed and combined with circular helical spirals at end points to form a path that is (provably) safe, smooth, and flyable. Fully implemented in Matlab and Simulink, complete with a graphical user interface.

6_FlightSimulatorUAV Flight Simulator


Using Matlab and Simulink, wrote an aircraft simulator with an autopilot; implemented vector-based path following and a novel 3D path management method; used for UAV algorithm development and software-based testing.

7_BajaBaja Car, SAE Aero, Nasa Rise


  • SAE Mini Baja Project-design & build 10HP Baja type car for intercollegiate competition in variety of events.
  • NASA RISE Project-design & build helium balloon with tracking, communication, and telemetry to go over 100,000 ft.
  • SAE AERO Project-design & build RC aircraft to lift maximum weight and compete in intercollegiate competition.

8_GeophysicsGeophysics Research


Performed characterization experiments for the integration of geophysical sensors on robotic and UAV platforms (to be used in simulation for decision algorithm development).
Designed, built, and deployed a self-powered system for autonomous monitoring of waste water from a remote mine; System acquired and transmitted images, temperature profiles, and tests from water samples. Worked as part of a team of 2-4.
Designed (and built) non-metallic structures used in characterization experiments for the integration of geophysical sensors on robotic and UAV platforms. Worked as part of a team of 2-4.